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Can you name the MW2 Perks and Pros ?

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Forced Order
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Bullets do more damage
Increased melee range
2 primary weapon attachments
Invisible on heartbeat sensors
See enemy explosives
Blocks enemy radar when nearby
Unlimted sprint
Faster sprinting
Extra explosives damage
Extra hipfire accuracy
Invisible to UAV/Thermal/Sentry guns etc.
Pick up extra ammo and equipment from corpses
Faster reloading
Change class during a match
Killstreaks require one less kill
An extra chance when you 'die'
Get over obstacles faster
Faster aim down sight
Extra mags
2 Secondary weapon attachments
Swap classes even faster
Increased bullet damage vs. vehicles
Quick aim while sprinting
Deathstreaks require one less death
No red crosshair or name shown
Increased killstreak damage
No fall damage
Longer hold breath
Delays enemy claymores
Silent footsteps
Enemy footsteps are louder
Use equipment on your 'second chance'

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