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What is the name of the house band leader in Knowing Me, Knowing You?
What is Alan's middle name?
Where does Alan claim to Gill that he has sent the sacked members of Peartree Productions?
The significance of which U2 song's title does Alan misunderstand when discussing projects with Irish TV execs?
What is the name of the fellow DJ-turned hostage-taker in Alpha Papa?
What is the name of Michael's friend who likes American things?
Alan re-enacts the opening scene of which Bond movie in I'm Alan Partridge series 2?
What is Alan's daughter called?
When commentating on horse racing on the Day Today, Alan suggests 'take that horse to the stable and give it a...' what?
To which rival TV personality does Alan devote an entire chapter in his book, Nomad, noting 'he is a total wazzock and I can't stand him'?
What does Alan invite Tony Hayers to smell in their ill-fated BBC lunch meeting? ('Smell my ......, you mother!')
What does Alan suggest is the most humane way to execute a bird of prey?
What brand of chocolate does Alan develop an addiction to?
What is the third ingredient in a Ladyboy cocktail: Lager, Baileys and ...
Who plays Sidekick Simon?
Which band does Alan mime along to in the title sequence of Alpha Papa?
Which car does Alan refuse to downgrade to to save his staffs' jobs in I'm Alan Partridge?
What do the enraged farmers drop off a bridge onto Alan on his waterway promotion shoot?
Of which bands hits does Alan sing a medley on Knowing Me, Knowing You?
Who is Tony Hayers' successor as BBC's chief commissioning officer who 'actually likes' Alan?

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