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A 3 sided polygon.
A chart to display data.
A part of an expression or equation separated by a + or - sign. (When solving an equation, it is a common method to 'collect like ____s').
A triangular based pyramid where each triangle is an equilateral triangle.
A line that intersects a circle exactly once.
A type of diagram used to calculate the probability of events.
A quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.
Also known as 'tiling' and is a pattern of 2D shapes that fills a plane with no overlaps or gaps. (Often seen in the work of M.C. Escher).
The moving of an object in a plane to another point in the plane while preserving its size, shape and orientation. I.e. 'sliding' a shape to another point in the plane.
A property of a relation which states that 'A related to B, and B related C implies A is related to C'. (Division has this property).
The existential quantifier, ∃, is read '___ ___'
A branch of mathematics concerned with studying the properties of objects that are preserved when deformed.
A four dimensional cube. Also known as a 'hypercube'.
A series that represents a function as an infinite sum. Known as a '____ series'.
A doughnut.
A _____ decimal is one that isn't irrational or recurring.
A polynomial consisting of 3 terms.
The _____ of a matrix A, denoted A^T is a matrix such that the (i,j) entry of A is the (j,i) entry of A^T.
The '____ of Hanoi' is a famous puzzle involving transferring discs of increasing size from one peg to another.

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