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Rely on your Instinct, rather than logic.
To increase the flame of the ring is to be pissed off.
Congratulations, your chance at beating me has increased from zero percent to ... zero percent.
Money is not the most important thing. Love is.
But I`m also a man! One punch and I can move on!
You shouldn't think about family stuff too much. My house is far more complicated and messy.
I'm not a genuine idiot like you! I'm an idiot who accepts the fact that he's an idiot!
The real me is super cool!
QuoteCharacter Name
You're not seeing a single thing. For guys like you, there's nothing for me to teach.
Feels like..I'm in a bowl of salad.
Man, I like the Japonese people, and Japone, because their robotic engineering is very advanced. Katakana and kanji are cool, and the scent of green tea is very mysterious somehow.
It doesn't matter if there's internal conflict. In times of crisis, when scum from the outside are attacking us, the Vongola always... Always stand united!
You know, I've been thinking, senpai, your head isn't really screwed on right. You were probably chased out of your homeland, right?
One who loses their calm, loses the fight before it even starts.
To be honest, I've never thought of him as my boss. But I think he's a great Nii-chan

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