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Description (phonetics)Spelling
An easy one: Vladamir Ilyich _____
The term Karl Marx coined to describe a middle-class person. (boar-sh-wah)
The disease/illness Alexi had (hee-moe-feely-a)
The normal way of spelling 'Czar'.
Advisor to three Czars, led the Orthodox church, fan of Russification. (Pob)
Pob's policy of making ethnic minorities more Russian.
A violent riot against Jewish people, connected to *above*.
Czar Nick's surname
Ra, ra ______. Mad monk, pickled penis.
Reformer - the Czar was not a fan, but he was good. His name ends in 'pin'.
He had a system. Fan of industrialisation and helped the poor (ish).
The dream the peasants had that they would not have to pay rent or redemption payments. Black _________
Double-barrelled treaty taking Russia out of WWI.
Led the march that ended in Bloody Sunday. Father ______
Name of the factory that always seemed to be on strike, most notably for causing the 1905 revolution - Bloody Sunday. (Poot-e-loaf)
General, had an affair which ended in the Bolsheviks being armed (cornyloaf?)
I think you're ready for a mean one now. Felix _______ (Der-sin-ski), leader of the Cheka.
What was it called before it was the Cheka - in Nicholas' rule? (oak-rahh-na)
HE IS NOT YODA. He led the NKVD, he was 'purged' by Stalin later on.
Led the NKVD for a while after *above*. (yahs-hof)
Led the NKVD for a while after *above*. (bear-iah)
Description (phonetics)Spelling
Canditate for Bolshevik leadership 1: had no facial hair and was often partnered with *below*. (Sin-oh-fe-ev)
Canditate for Bolshevik leadership 2: often partnered with *above*. (cam-in-ev)
Canditate for Bolshevik leadership 3: the painter one that Lenin liked. Young.
Candidate for Bolshevik leadership 4: originally a Menshevik, Lenin's right-hand-man, had a train in the civil war.
Candidate for Bolshevik leadership 5: (pie-ate-arkov). Not really sure what he did, he just was.
PRO GO! The members of the Duma who appointed themselves leader post-Nicholas and tried to organise an election.
Who led the Pro Go first? He was royal with a name that scores 10 in Scrabble.
Who led the Pro Go after him? Wanted to be Napolean,
St. Petersberg - ______ - Leningrad. Had the main soviet, where the Winter Palace was (looking for the name of the city).
There was a rising at this navy camp/island, but until then the sailors helped the Bolsheviks. 'Russian Revolution (IN COLOUR!)' is a fan.
Lenin's wife. (carup-ski-ya)
Main city in Georgia, where Stalin was meant to train.
Collectivisation farm type 1: where the land was shared between peasants. The easy one.
Collectivisation farm type 2: where the government owns the land and everyone who works it is paid a wage. (soav-ca-aus)
Collectivisation farm type 3: where everyone works all the land then has a patch to himself. (coal-aus)
'Organizational Bureau' - created to make decisions about the organisation of Russia.
'Political Bureau' - the central committee in charge of most of the decision making of the party. Members included Stalin and all his rivals for leader.
'Supreme council of national authority'. (vash-hen-car)
'Council of People's Commissars'. (sov-nah-come)

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