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Can you name the fourth generation Pokemon by their name meanings?

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Name MeaningPokemon Name
Stage of growth in baby birds + Plup(sound of falling in water)
Chat + Parrot
Garspike(fish) + Nibble
Happy + Tiny
Snow + Cover
Toxic + Croak
Legendary + Giga
Diamond + Dial(watch) + Dragon
Magnet + Zone
Unit of luminous intensity + Ray
Electric + Wire
Frost + Word for 'girl'
Heat + Transition metal
Buoy + Weasel
Moth + Him
Beaver + Doofus
Worm + Madam
Gastropod + Don(king)
Glamour + Sound a cat makes
Probe + Compass
The final polygon
Japanese for 'large dragonfly' + Mega
Crescent + Selene(goddess of the moon)
Manta ray + Tyke(child)
Float + Weasel
Rose + Masquerade
Girasol(red opal) + Japanese word for 'platinum'
Scorpion + Rupy
Emperor + Napoleon
Garspike(fish) + Bite
Kricket + Tot(child)
Inferno + Ape
Shining + Lynx
Mammoth + Swine
Japanese for electric crackling sound + Japanese for 'squirrel'
Name MeaningPokemon Name
Luminous + Neon
Tortoise + Word meaning 'terrain'
Leaf + Eon
Mischievious + Magus
Starling + Avian
Kricket + Tune
Bunny + Ear
A young mime
Glaicer + Eon
Abominable + Snow
Drift + Balloon
Shamayim(Hebrew word for 'sky')
Bastion + Mastodon
Japanese word for 'spike' + Kiss
Skunk + Tank
Beaver + Barrel
Glide + Scorpion
Motor spelled backwards
Hippopotamus + Don(king)
Starling + Raptor
Bronze + Mirror
Prince + Plup(sound of falling in water)
Based on Japanese spelling of 'Orichalcum'
Magma + Mortar
Latin for 'wasp' + Queen
Honeycomb + Bee
Gallant + Blade
Clione(sea angels)
Spirit + Tomb
Turtle + Twig
Arch(highest) + Deus(god)
Name MeaningPokemon Name
Bronze + Gong
Sound of a bell + -ling(child)
Fin + Neon
Monkey + Inferno
Munch + Relax
Croak + Gunk
Stinky + Skunk
Ambidextrous + Palm
Lop + Bunny
Cherry + Cherubim
Dusk + French for 'black'
Unit of luminous intensity + Leo
Garspike(fish) + Chomp
Bud + Dew
Chimp + Char
Azure + Elf
Weasel + Vile
Mana + Fairy
Bonsai Tree
Grotto + Turtle
Rhino + Superior
Alteration of 'Lucario'
Sound a cat makes + Ugly
Dark + Japanese word for 'dark'
Drift + Blimp
Word meaning 'boss' + Crow
Dragon + Scorpion
Cherry + Ruby
Carnivore + Vine
Tangle + Growth

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