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Forced Order
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95 P, Special, 30% chance of lowering target's SpAtk by 1
40 P, Special, always hits
50 P, Special, heals user by 75% of damage dealt
80 P, Special
Status, raises SpDef of target ally
Status, 75% acc, confuses target
Status, all Pokemon cannot leave battle during the next turn
90 P, Physical, 90% acc, 10% chance of lowering target's Attack by 1
Status, lowers target's Attack, hits first
Status, for 5 turns power of Dragon type attacks used by grounded Pokemon is halved and grounded Pokemon cannot have a status condition
Status, raises Defense of all Grass Pokemon in battle by 1
40 P, Special
Status, hits first, protects user and allies from effects of opponents' status attacks this turn
Status, restores user's HP by 2/3 if weather is sunny, 1/2 normally, and 1/4 otherwise
Status, user charges on first turn and next turn raises user's SpAtk, SpDef, and Speed by 2
Status, lowers target's Attack by 2
140P, Special, 90% acc, user takes 50% of damage dealt as recoil

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