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Can you name the Enemies From Zelda 5: Ocarina of Time?

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DescriptionEnemyFirst Found
Egyptian Jackal CreatureSpirit Temple
Living StatueDodongo's Cavern
Small Exploding LizardDodongo's Cavern
Large Jellyfish CreatureJabu Jabu's Belly
Bio-Electric AnemoneJabu Jabu's Belly
Laser-firing StatueDodongo's Cavern
Large GhostHyrule Field
Large Rock-shooting CreatureJabu Jabu's Belly
Large Skeletal SpiderGreat Deku Tree
Small Jellyfish CreatureJabu Jabu's Belly
Sliding BladeDodongo's Cavern
Skull with Blue FlamesForest Temple
Water-striding SpiderWater Temple
Phantom Shadow BeastShadow Temple
Nut-shooting SalesmanLost Woods
Club-wielding WarriorSacred Forest Meadow
The Hero's ShadowWater Temple
Zombie with Many HandsBottom of the Well
Venus Flytrap-like CreatureKokiri Forest
Nut-Shooting CreatureGreat Deku Tree
Sword-wielding Fire BreatherGerudo Training Ground
Fire-breathing LizardDodongo's Cavern
Falls on One Who Tries to Open ItFire Temple
Flaming Bat Dodongo's Cavern
Dances in the FireFire Temple
Ghostly ComposerKakariko Graveyard
DescriptionEnemyFirst Found
Spinning Floor OrnamentFire Temple
Living HandForest Temple
Icy MassIce Cavern
Ganondorf's True FormGanon's Castle
Great King of EvilGanon's Castle
Guardian of the Desert FortressGerudo Fortress
Mummy CreatureBottom of the Well
Spider HatchlingsGreat Deku Tree
Golden SpiderAll Across Hyrule
Skull with Green FlamesForest Temple
Small Bird CreatureLake Hylia/Lon Lon Ranch
Icy BatIce Cavern
Giant Armored WarriorSpirit Temple
Infernal DinosaurDodongo's Cavern
Flying EnemyVarious Dungeons and Caves
Spinning Sand-dwellerHaunted Wasteland
Slimy Tube CreatureFire Temple
Sword-wielding LizardDodongo's Cavern
Angry Nut-shooterSacred Forest Meadow
Spear-wielding SoldierSacred Forest Meadow
Giant Aquatic AmoebaWater Temple
Rock-shooting CreatureZora's River
Slimy Whip-like AppendageJabu Jabu's Belly
Spinning, Flying PlantHyrule Field
Evil Spirit From BeyondForest Temple
GhostKakariko Graveyard
DescriptionEnemyFirst Found
GhostForest Temple
GhostForest Temple
GhostForest Temple
GhostForest Temple
Parasitic Armored ArachnidGreat Deku Tree
Zombie CreatureKakariko Graveyard
Flaming SkullDeath Mountain Crater
Jumping Spider EnemyDeath Mountain Trail
Exploding BubbleJabu Jabu's Belly
Ghostly ComposerKakariko Graveyard
Clam CreatureWater Temple
Skeletal Spider on the WallGreat Deku Tree
Sea Urchin CreatureWater Temple
Small Skeletal WarriorHyrule Field
Skeletal WarriorForest Temple
Sting Ray-like CreatureJabu Jabu's Belly
Electric Claw CreatureJabu Jabu's Belly
Flaming SlugFire Temple
Sorceress SistersSpirit Temple
Subterranian Lava DragonFire Temple
Living Hand who Drops from the CeilingForest Temple
Snowy Wolf CreatureIce Cavern
Skull with no FlameSpirit Temple
Wolf CreatureSacred Forest Meadow

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