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Can you name the Enemies from Zelda 6: Majora's Mask?

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DescriptionEnemyFirst Found
Living StatueStone Tower Temple
Flying EnemyTermina Field
Living Statue that Fires LasersStone Tower
Large Version of Smaller EnemySouthern Swamp
Large Version of Smaller EnemyBottom of the Well
Venus Flytrap-like CreatureGreat Bay Temple
Black SphereWoodfall Temple
Skull that Paralyses the SwordIkana Canyon
Slime CreatureGreat Bay Temple
Exploding EnemyTermina Field
Evil Living StatueStone Tower Temple
Deep Ocean DwellerPinnacle Rock
Venus Flytrap-like CreatureSouthern Swamp
Large Skeletal FishPirates' Fortress
Living HandGreat Bay Temple
Fire-breathing Sword WielderWoodfall Temple
Fire Breathing LizardTermina Field
Large Buzzing InsectSouthern Swamp
Snow CreatureTermina Field
Huge Eye StatueStone Tower Temple
Flaming Flying CreatureBottom of the Well
Large Living HandAncient Castle of Ikana
Icy MassSnowhead Temple
Robed WarriorIkana Canyon
Master of the Robed WarriorsStone Tower Temple
Frog-like CreatureWoodfall Temple
Large Stinging InsectMountain Village
DescriptionEnemyFirst Found
MummyIkana Canyon
Mechanical Masked BullSnowhead Temple
Golden SpiderSwamp and Great Bay Spider Houses
Grim ReaperStone Tower Temple
Slime CreatureTermina Field
Small Bird CreatureTermina Field
Giant Masked FishGreat Bay Temple
Masked InsectWoodfall
Icy Flying EnemySnowhead Temple
King of a Skeletal NationAncient Castle of Ikana
Servants to the KingAncient Castle of Ikana
Huge Armored WarriorIkana Graveyard
Flying EnemyBottom of the Well
Captain of the Skeletal ArmyIkana Graveyard
Sand BurrowerTermina Field
Slimy Tube CreatureGreat Bay Coast
Frog-like Creature with JellyGreat Bay Temple
Nut-shooting enemyDeku Palace
Second Form of the Dark DemonMoon
Sealed Form of the Dark DemonMoon
Final Form of the Dark DemonMoon
Small Flytrap-like CreatureSouthern Swamp
Small Insect Attracted to FireWoodfall Temple
Goron-like Exploding EnemyIkana Canyon
Rock-shooting EnemySouthern Swamp
Masked Jungle WarriorWoodfall Temple
Spinning, Flying Plant CreatureHole in Termina Field
DescriptionEnemyFirst Found
Guard of the Zora EggsPirates' Fortress
GhostIkana Graveyard
GhostHouse in Ikana Canyon
GhostHouse in Ikana Canyon
GhostHouse in Ikana Canyon
GhostHouse in Ikana Canyon
Flaming Skull CreatureSnowhead Temple
Slime CreatureTermina Field
ZombieAncient Castle of Ikana
Clam EnemyPirates' Fortress
Skeletal FishGreat Bay Coast
Skeletal SpiderClock Town
Wall-bound Skeletal SpiderSwamp and Great Bay Spider Houses
Turtle EnemyWoods of Mystery
Skeletal SoldierIkana Graveyard
Thieving BirdTermina Field
Spider CreatureRoad to Goron Village
Giant Masked InsectStone Tower Temple
Living Hand Lurking on CeilingsBottom of the Well
Giant Eyeball CreatureGreat Bay Temple
White SphereMountain Village
Snowy Wolf CreatureRoad to Goron Village
Wizard CreatureSnowhead Temple
Wolf CreatureRoad to Southern Swamp
Slime CreatureGreat Bay Temple

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