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QUIZ: How well do you know Frozen?

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What does Christof say when he first sees Elsa's ice castle and Anna says 'Go ahead, I won't judge'?
Are Elsa and Anna twins?
How many years apart are Anna and Elsa?
Where does Elsa go to when she escapes Arondel?
When they (Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf) are at Elsa's castel what does Olaf question Anna's ability to do?
What color does Anna's hair turn when she is first hit with ice in her head?
What do the people of Arondel do in the end of the movie?
Who makes Olaf?
At what age does Elsa become queen?
Why does Elsa freeze Arondel?
Does Elsa freeze Arondel on purpose?
Why does Elsa wear gloves?
What does Olaf call the snow/ice giant?
What season does Olaf sing about?
What does Olaf say to Anna the first time he starts to melt?
What does Olaf receive from Elsa when he says 'This is the best day of my life! And maybe the last to.'
Does Sven love carrots?
What does Kristoff sell for a living?
What type of powers does Elsa have?
Was she born or cursed with the powers?
What does Grand Pappi say when he removes the memories of magic from Anna?
At what age does Anna become the princess? (Elsa is Queen)
Who does Anna meet on her quest to find Elsa?
What is the very first song in Frozen?
True or False- Anna dies?
True or False- Anna says to Hans 'The only one with a frozen heart here is you' and punches him?
When Kristoff takes Olaf's arm, Olaf keeps saying to Anna ____, ___?
When Olaf says 'Who's the funny looking donkey thing?' and 'Okay, so who's the reindeer?' What does Anna say?
What song has a reprise?
Which characters sing For The First Time In Forever and For The First Time In Forever reprise?

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