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Forced Order
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Heres the one they call doctor-Dr. Feelgood
In this theatre of pain, love and hates the sameRed, White & Crue
Everytime I turn my head,Saints of Los Angeles
Chew me up like a meat grinder,Red, White & Crue
Someones gonna quit, someones gonna die,Saints of Los Angeles
But I don't wanna go to school!Saints of Los Angeles
SCREAM! n'SHOUT!Decade of Decadence
Girls paseed out, naked in the back nowSaints of Los Angeles
Kinda makes me wonder... about the lovers that have beenSaints of Los Angeles
Wolf screamin' lonely in the night,Shout at the Devil
Boys call ya'-New Tattoo
No, no, no, fight all temptationToo Fast For Love
You know i'm a dreamer,Theatre of Pain
Always got the cops chasin' after me,Dr. Feelgood
Its not easy puttin on a smile,Too Fast For Love
Well now listen up,Shout at the Devil
All I need, to make me right are thoseGirls Girls Girls
Making love to someone elses dreams,Too Fast For Love
Hot, young, runnin' free,Too Fast For Love
Take a walk on the Girls Girls Girls

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