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Lead Vocalist / Chord Guitar / Keyboard
The biggest fansite?
Song featured in Guitar Hero III
*always played live*
Rhythm Guitar / Keyboard
Bass 1987 - 1995
10th Album 1986
12th Album 1998
The band's biggest hit?
6th Album 1979
8th Album 1981
*always played live*
Name between (origional) and BoC
Bass 1995 - 2004
Drums 1987 - 1991
Lead Guitarist / Vocalist
Rhythm Guitar/ Keyboard (Founder)
1st Album 1972
Origional lead singer before SFG album?
Buck's speciallised guitar? (One of two in existence)
Covered the biggest single?
Eric's previous job?
Drums (Founder)
9th Album 1983
2nd Album 1973
Drums 1997 - 2004
Came up with the phrase 'Heavy Metal'
2002 Live DVD
'Call me'?
Biggest selling Live Album (Simpson's episode with same title)
The hook and cross logo?
Simpson's 350th Episode with BoC themed name?
Bass 1995
7th Album 1980
13th Album 2001
The album the Astronomy cover is on?
Origional Name
Covered the song 'Astronomy'?
Drums 1991 - 1997
Bass (Founder)
5th Album 1977
Drums 1981 - 1984
Who has the other one of Buck's twin guitars?
Drums 1985
11th Album 1988
Drums 1985 - 1987
3rd Album 1974
The origional album?
Year Formed
4th Album 1976

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