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Definition3 Letter 'O' Word
a clumsy, stupid person
a hardwood tree or shrub
to propel with oars (long, broad-bladed poles)
a cereal grass
a hereditary chief in Benin and Nigeria
a form of sorcery of African origin
a form of sorcery of African origin
an oil bulk ore vessel
an objection
a South American herb
expressing impatience
a room in a harem
not usual
a lyric poem
a hypothetical force of natural power
a whirlwind off the Faeroe islands
to go away
a unit of electrical resistance
used to express surprise or exultation
to exclaim in surprise, pain, or desire
a rude person
to supply with oil (a greasy liquid used for lubrication, fuel, or illumination)
Definition3 Letter 'O' Word
a Turkish unit of weight
a Turkish unit of weight
living or existing for a relatively long time
a shout of approval
a cave-dwelling European salamander
a mantra used in contemplation of ultimate reality
a number
a large mackerel
the side of the wicket where a batsman stands in cricket
one, no matter which
an official medium of exchange and measure of value
to exclaim in amazement, joy, or surprise
an enclosed compartment in which substances are heated
to bind with thread
affording unobstructed access, passage, or view
a style of abstract art
to take by preference
an orifice
to form into a circle or sphere
Definition3 Letter 'O' Word
a marine mammal
a beginning
a mineral or rock containing a valuable metal
a viral infection of sheep
the heraldic color gold
a scrap of food
a narrow ridge of gravel and sand
a stringed instrument of northern Africa
a period of seven days
to bind with thread
a possessive form of the pronoun we
a man; a bloke
to be revealed
the female reproductive cell of animals
to be under obligation to pay or repay
a nocturnal bird
to have as a belonging
a thing of any kind
containing oxygen
containing oxygen
used to express dismay or pain
used to express dismay or pain

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