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Can you name the Angel Sanctuary Characters?

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Main Character (In love with his sister)
Rebellious Angel reincarnated as the main character
The Main Character's Best Friend goes by...
...and is the legendary sword known as...
...but secretly is...
...whose original name before his fall is...
Main Character's sister
Highschool delinquent who dies and teams up with the protagonist in Hades
A young demon, who is the 14th Princess of Anagura
A demon who is in love with the Anaguran Princess...
...his twin sister
The cousin of the Anaguran Princess
Insane twin brother of the rebel angel and main antagonist of the series
His servant, who was once a lowly grigor spirit
A minor character, she struggled onto the Think Tank in Heaven, and was in love with Rosiel. She dies after killing the protagonist's sister.
The Holy Hermit who can control time and is sealed away at Etamenanki
Heaven's Prime Minister
Young angel who is watched over by the Prime Minister...
...and his brother
Angel of Earth and the guardian of the gates who resides with the Tree of Life in Hades
Angel of Earth's companion, who looks like the protagonist's lost sister
The controller of the gates to Heaven and Hell in Hades
Dragon who was once an angel in Heaven, who guards the Tree of Life in Hades
Angel of Wind, who specializes in healing and is a womanizer
Angel of Water who turns out to really be the protagonist's sister
Angel of Fire, who is short and has anger issues
The Chief of the Thrones. This angel is blind and dies after going insane and turning into a bloodthirsty ghoul.
Assistant to the blind angel, who is attempting to overthrow the Prime Minister's control, and is actually his son
Served the protagonist's sister when she was held against her will by the Prime Minister in Heaven.
Chief of the Principalities, this angel has a third eye that can kill and take control of others. He is killed by a blind angel, who turns into a ghoul afterwards...
First of the Seven Satans, who lusts after the Demon King
One of the Seven Satans, this is the name of his male half...
...and his female half is known as...
One of the Seven Satans, he enjoys the finer things and helps the protagonist crash a wedding
One of the Seven Satans, she is Wrath, and the Demon King's first wife
Called the Anaguran Princess 'Mother'

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