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Can you name the team that was victorious in the most famous NFL Games?

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NicknameWinning TeamYear/Opponent
Ambush2010/Indianapolis Colts
Epic in Miami1982/Miami Dolphins
The Catch1982/Dallas Cowboys
The Sneaker Game1934/Chicago Bears
The Pirate Bowl2002/Oakland Raiders
The Beast Quake2010/New Orleans Saints
Red Right 881981/Cleveland Browns
One Yard Short2000/Tennessee Titans
Andersen vs. Anderson/The Miss1999/Minnesota Vikings
The Stanely Swindle1921/Buffalo All-Americans
The Fumble1988/Cleveland Browns
The Greatest Game Ever Played1958/New York Giants
The Miracle at the Meadowlands1978/New York Giants
The Butt Fumble2012/New York Jets
The Hit Heard Around the World1964/San Diego Chargers
The Miracle at the New Meadowlands2010/New York Giants
The Monday Night Miracle2000/Miami Dolphins
Music City Miracle2000/Buffalo Bills
Changing of the Guard1992/San Francisco 49ers
River City Relay2003/New Orleans Saints
DeflateGate2015/Indianapolis Colts
Holy Roller1978/San Diego Chargers
The Call/The Interception2015/Seattle Seahawks
The Drive1987/Cleveland Browns
70 Chip1983/Miami Dolphins
The Tiptoe Catch2009/Arizona Cardinals
NicknameWinning TeamYear/Opponent
Mud Bowl1983/New York Jets//1977 L.A. Rams
The Forgotten Classic1984/San Francisco 49ers
The Fail Mary2012/Green Bay Packers
The Comeback1993/Houston Oilers
60 Minutes1996/Indianapolis Colts
73-01940/Washington Redskins
The First NFL-AFL Championship1967/Kansas City Chiefs
The Fog Bowl1988/Philadelphia Eagles
The Wrong Way Run1964/San Francisco 49ers
Duel in Dixie1980/Atlanta Falcons
The Guarentee1969/Baltimore Colts
Bounty Bowl Part II1989/Dallas Cowboys
Bounty Bowl1989/Dallas Cowboys
Big Ben Right1978/New Orleans Saints
The Fake Spike1994/New York Jets
Hail Rodgers2015/Detroit Lions
The Tuck Rule Game2002/Oakland Raiders
The Heidi Game1968/New York Jets
The Perfect Season1972-73/Washington Redskins
Snowball Game1985/San Francisco 49ers
Favre to Sharpe1994/Detroit Lions
The Hail Mary1975/Minnesota Vikings
Lonestar Shootout2004/Carolina Panthers
4th and 262004/Green Bay Packers
The Kick1965/Baltimore Colts
Announcerless Game1980/Miami Dolphins
NicknameWinning TeamYear/Opponent
Wide Right1991/Buffalo Bills
Ghost to the Post1977/Baltimore Colts
Garo's Gaffe1973/Washington Redskins
The Freezer Bowl1982/San Diego Chargers
The Replay Game1989/Chicago Bears
Marathon by the Lake1987/New York Jets
Snowplow Game1982/Miami Dolphins
Bottlegate2001/Cleveland Browns
One Wild Finish2003/New York Giants
The Miracle Tackle2006/Indianapolis Colts
Battle of Champions1979/Dallas Cowboys
The Helmet Catch2008/New England Patriots
The First NFL Playoff1933/Portsmouth Spartans
The Immaculate Reception1972/Oakland Raiders
Bo vs. the Boz1987/Seattle Seahawks
The Mile High Miracle2013/Denver Broncos
The First Championship1920
Rebirth/The Block2006/Atlanta Falcons
The Body Bag Game1990/Washington Redskins
Monday Night Meltdown2006/Arizona Cardinals
The Catch Part II1998/Green Bay Packers
The Sea of Hands1974/Miami Dolphins
The One for John1998/Green Bay Packers
Peyton's Revenge2007/New England Patriots
Ambush at Mile High1997/Denver Broncos
The Ice Bowl1967/Dallas Cowboys

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