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Can you name different Video Games discussed on the Youtube Channel Game Theory? (Hint: Some Games are used more than once, and will focus on game series. i.e. Kid Icarus, Madden, etc; use 'various' as answer on theories that cover multiple games)

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Forced Order
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Episode TitleGame FeaturedBonus Hint
Why Living in ___ Floating City Would Suck
The ____ Timeline's Startling Reveal
Fart Rocket Physics in ______
____ On the Subject of Arrows in the Knee
Can ____ Dig a Human?
The Science of _______
___ Potions and Power Bands
____ PewDiePie and Pasta SauceGT considers this a Game.
Killing Zombies
World Wonders
Is ___ Time Travel Accurate?
___ Who Killed Aerith?
Batman + Superman= COW?
Why Video Game Movies Suck!
Pipe Dreams
____ Bottle Caps are Worth Money
______ A Philappeans Vacation
Viewer's Choice: Fatalites, Riddler and Cyborgs
Why ___ Mario is Mental Part 2
___ vs. Creationists
Mike Tyson's Techno Dance Party
Why ___ Should Terrify You
Why You're a Completionist
Video Game Crossovers
The ____ Morph Ball is Lame
___ Andrew Ryan's Underwater City
How to Survive ____ Carmaggedon
Is Link's Quest in ___ Pointless?Specific
Humans Are ___
Is ____ Ubisoft's Missing Link?
___ Rupes are Real?
Who is ___ True Villain?
____ Designed to Addict
___'s Ending: DECODED!
Is the MMO Genre Dying?
Modern War Crimes
Fatalities IRL
Why ___ Has No Legs
___ Will Save the Economy
Blank Dracula Spectacula
The ___ Multiverse Explains Everything
Leave PewDiePie Alone!GT considers this a Game.
Episode TitleGame FeaturedBonus Hint
Is ___ Killer Scream Possible?
___ Australian of Games
Wii U is the New Virtual Boy
Handsome Jack, Murderer or Misunderstood?
How Deadly is Bullet Bill?
Bowser's Broken Home
Why You Play Video Games
Problems with Princess Peach
A Tank's Biggest Weapon is Itself
Power Armor is Real
ESPN is WRONG about eSports
Sans Secret Identity
The Dark Side of Mother
____ Warning: You're Not Safe
Strategy of Sex Appeal in ____
___ Scariest Monster is You!
___ The Clue That Solves ___
How ___ Predicted the Future of Science
Monty Hall, Plinko and ProbabilityGame Show, not Video Game
Epic Yarn Bombing
How PewDiePie Conquered ___GT consideres this a Game
How Rome Dominates Mobile Strategy Games
Exposing the Real Gangs of ____
Jurassic World Dinos Are COMING
Best Boobs in Gaming
____ BOOM, Headshot
Diagnosing ArkhamSpecific
___ Gaming's Scariest Mystery Solved
____ Tragic Hidden Lore
The Human Hive Mind Theory
Are ___ Cops Racist?
Rosalina Unmasked (Parts 1, 2, and 3)
___ Mysteries Solved
Red vs. Blue: Color Strategy
Why ___ is Anti-Religion
___ Gets a Reality Check
___ is Communist?
Why the ___ Timeline is Wrong
___ Companian Cube Has a Dark Secret
Why ____ is Mental
Are Gamers Killing Video Games?
Are ___ Goddesses Too Sexy?
Episode TitleGame FeaturedBonus Hint
Why ___ Will Never End
Are Video Games LGBT?
____ Got it all Wrong!
____ 80s Action Movie Star
Surviving the ___ Leap of Faith
A Merry Racist Jynx-mas
How Pidgey 'Proves' Darwin Evolution
The ____ Pyro: Male or Female?
Death by Hacking
Which Link Rules Them All?
___ Tragic Hero
Exposing ___ Lost Plot
Video Games Predict Your Future
___ Lightsaber vs. ___ Energy Sword
_____ Racism, Jynx Justified
Defending ___ Regenerative Health
Toad's Deadly Secret
____ MK Ultra and CIA's Brainwashing Arcade Game
Is Link DEAD in _______?Specific
___ Armor Fatal Flaw
Human Revolution, Cyborg Technology
Shepard is a Zombie in ____
Does ___ Die in ____ Endings Explained
Yes PewDiePie: ____ is BrokenGT considers this a Game.
___ and America's Secret Banana War
____ Shared Universe Conspiracy
Game Theory: Exposed
___ Shinra Mako and Oil
___ vs. Creationists Part 3
____ Do a Barrell Roll
How Fast is ___?
Human Lie Detector
Gamers, You're Getting Played
Snake is a Stoner
How Much is ___ Diamond Armor Worth?
___ Champion Showdown
____ tells the Bible?
What are ___ Creepers?
___ PETA and Plasma
___ Four Games. One Story. And ___ Talkback!
Will 2015 Be the End of ___ Rewind?GT considers this a Game.
Beware of Link's Hookshot in ___

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