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'NAME OF BAND'Beyond the Black
Bonded by BloodBonded by Blood
To Mega TherionJewel Throne
Infernal OverkillBestial Invasion
Darkness DescendsDarkness Descends
Master of PuppetsBattery
Reign in BloodAngel of Death
Among the LivingCaught in a Mosh
The Ultra-ViolenceVoracious Souls
None Shall DefyOverlord
Forbidden EvilThrough Eyes of Glass
Spectrum of DeathLock Up Your Children
The New OrderDisciples of the Watch
IllusionsCertain Death
Eternal NightmareCalling in the Coroner
Dimension HatrössTribal Convictions
Agent OrangeAgent Orange
DreamweaverThe Clerical Conspiracy
Alice in HellAlison Hell
Beneath the RemainsInner Self
The Years of DecayElimination
Into the Mirror BlackTaste Revenge
Coma of SoulsPeople of the Lie
By InheritanceBeneath the Clay
Rust in PeaceHoly Wars...the Punishment Due
Mental VortexDivine Step
Epidemic of ViolenceSkull Fracturing Nightmare
Vulgar Display of PowerMouth for War
Screams and WhispersSound the Alarm
Burn My EyesDavidian
Dead Heart in a Dead WorldNarcosynthesis

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