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Bruce Willis; Alan Rickman;Bonnie Bedelia
Keanu Reeves; Laurence Fishburne; Carrie-Anne Moss
Russell Crowe; Joaquin Phoenix; Connie Nelson
Gerard Butler; Lena Headey; David Wenham
Arnold Schwarzenegger; Linda Hamilton; Edward Furlong
Brad Pitt; Eric Bana; Orlando Bloom
Mark Hamill; Harrison Ford; Carrie Fisher
Christian Bale; Sean Bean; Emily Watson
Sam Neill; Laura Dern; Jeff Goldblum
Sigourney Weaver; Michael Biehn; Carrie Henn
Jet Li; Carla Gugino; Delroy Lindo
Christian Bale; Heath Ledger; Aaron Eckhart
Matt Damon; Edgar Ramirez; Joan Allen
Harrison Ford; Karen Allen; Paul Freeman
Brad Pitt; Edward Norton; Helena Bonham Carter

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