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Can you name the HP characters by Google's search suggestions?

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a veela, pureblood, called phlegm
and Gandalf the same actor, alive, really dead
a wizard, a real person, dead
a pureblood, one of the three brothers, a mudblood
a Squib, evil, gay
good, dead, Gary Oldman
an Animagus, good or bad, in Game of Thrones
a Hufflepuff, Edward Cullen, in Gryffindor
good, British, related to Sirius Black
a powerful witch, the heir of Slytherin, a Mary Sue
Irish, dead, the Chosen One
black, a witch or a wizard, hot
on Netflix, real, a classic
blind, bad, dead
good or bad, in Goblet of Fire, animated
a Ravenclaw, American, in the books
gay, a brony, smart
related to Harry Potter, Tom Riddle, really dead
a Muggle, in 101 Dalmatians, in The Borrowers
good or bad, a Death Eater, gay
really dead, older than George, a ghost
in the movies, bad, evil
evil, a Death Eater, on Voldemort's side
hair real, evil, a Death Eater
killed, a Death Eater, a Gryffindor
Harry's dad, good, a tragic hero
related to Narcissa Malfoy, good or bad, married
a pureblood, good or bad, a werewolf
the giant squid, sword a Horcrux, related to Harry
Filch's mom, alive, an Animagus

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