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This quiz deals with specialties, not the name of the specialist. e.g.: Studies birds cycle of life, feeding, reproduction and behaviour in the environment. Answer: Ornithology (not Ornithologist)
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What does it do?SpecialtyExtra Info
Studies the heart and circulatory system per se
Studies blood vessels and its structures: Veins, arteries
Studies blood vessels and uses minimally invasive and surgical approaches to solve them
Studies lower respiratory system mainly: Lungs, bronchi, alveoli, trachea
Studies ear tract and upper respiratory system: oral, nasal cavities, larynx
Studies mainly oral cavity and its appendix: teeth, tongue
Studies tegument organs and appendix: Skin, hair, nails
Studies the conjunctive system: Joints, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, muscle
Studies the musculoskeletal system per se: Bones, articulations and its movements
Studies physical rehabilitation and musculoskeletal damage prevention
Studies diseases caused by proliferation/invasion of living pathogens and viruses
Studies medical events in the population: Specializes in scientific sampling studies in the population and designing mass actions for disease control
Studies body immunity: Immune system overreaction, misfunctioning or non functioning
Studies blood elements and their creation organs: Bone Marrow, Spleen, erythrocytes, leukocytes, plasmocytes
Studies solid tumors and neoplasic disease
Studies the kidneys and body excretion related diseases
Studies the urologic system and its organs and annexes:Bladder, urether, urethra, prostate, etc.
Studies female reproductory system and genitalia and pre-natal/birth conditions
Studies gastrointestinal system: esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum, pancreas, gallbladder
Studies abdominal affections and all-around surgical techniques
What does it do?SpecialtyExtra Info
Studies mainly lower gastrointestinal tract: Colon, rectum, anus
Studies sedation techniques, pain management and body vitality mainly during surgeries and perioperatory
Studies the encephalus and nerve tracts mainly
Studies the mind, thinking and cognition
Studies the neurologic system physical affections and its surgical treatments: mal-formations, fistula, neurologic tumors, herniations
Studies body hormones, glands and their function
Studies primary care, health promotion in the population, disease prevention practice MAINLY on a predetermined geographical area
Studies affections that includes the body as a whole, multi-systemic diseases
Studies critical care management
Studies vision: eyes and its components: Retina, cornea, extrinsic muscle
Studies tissues, mainly microscopically and its techniques for pinpoint diagnosis
Studies high energy (radiation) imagery and treatment: radiologic diagnostics (Radiography, CT scan), Radiotherapy
Studies radioactive isotopes in medicine diagnosis and treatment (Cintilography, PET CT)
Branch of medicine that studies children and adolescent related issues
Studies elder people related issues and diseases
Studies newborn children diseases and development
Studies affections related to professional exposure to harmful agents (Chemical, physical, ergonomics)
Studies body reconstruction, aesthetic conditions, graft
Studies genetic conditions, predicting intrawomb fetal genectic diseases, gene therapy
Studies treatment of illnesses using active ingredients in minimal doses to take more effect

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