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How much do you actually know about Undertale?

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Name one skeleton in the game.
Who is your first date?
Who is your second date?
Who is your third date?
What is Asriel Dreemurr an anagram for?
Who shows up as a reflection in the rain puddles after a Genocide Route?
What is Undyne's favorite tea?
How many different dogs are in the game?
Name the song that plays when you fly to the human soul substitute.
Name one of the Seven Souls.
How many files does Flowey use during the Photoshop Flowey fight?
What flower is Flowey considered to be?
What reminder does Sans give you for blue attacks?
Name a monster designed by a fan.
Name one item in Sans' room.
Name one of the two final weapons in the game.
Name the final healing item in the Pacifist Route.
Name one human who fell into the underground.
Which entry number is missing in the True Lab?
What does Sans' battle description say?

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