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Who can pronounce Sigilyph's name correctly?
Who pronounces Sigilyph's name neither 'SIDG-ihl-lyph' nor 'SIGG-ihl-lyph'?
What does said character call Sigilyph?
Which Character pulled the prank in the third video?
Who did he pull it on?
Which book did he use as a source?
Which prank did he pull off?
Which cookie was used?
What was used to sabotage the oreo?
What type of snake is the one in the videos?
Which Characters have unintellegible transliterations on the screen?
Who had trouble walking in the first video?
Why did he have trouble walking?
Which Character wasn't involved with the mailbox, is intellegible, and pronounced Sigilyph's name 'SIGG-ihl-lyph'?
Why did Sigilyph call everyone else off?
Who surprised Mario?

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