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Can you name the classes in Fire Emblem 4??

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Notable CharactersClassWeapon Types
SigurdSwords, Lances
Alec, Noish, AlessSwords, Lances
Oifaye, EltshanSwords, Lances
Ethlin, Nanna, JanneSwords, Staves
Ethlin, Nanna, Janne (Promotions)Swords, Staves, Lances
Beowulf, Delmud, TristanSwords
Jacoban, JabarroSwords
Lex, JohanAxes
Lex, Johan (Promotions)Axes
Midir, Lester, DimnaBows
Midir, Lester, Dimna (Promotions)Bows
LachesisSwords, Staves
Lachesis, Leaf (Promotions)Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Light, Staves
Azel, Arthur, TinnyFire, Thunder, Wind
Amid, FetraWind
Tiltyu, Linda, EliuThunder
Diadora, JuliaLight, Staves
LevinFire, Thunder, Wind, Light
Sety, Hawk, IshtarFire, Thunder, Wind, Light
Tiltyu, Linda (Promotions), IshtoreSwords, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Staves
Amid (Promotions)Swords, Fire, Thunder, Wind
Azel, Arthur (Promotions)Swords, Fire, Thunder, Wind
Aideen, Lana, Mana, Corple, SharlowStaves
ClaudeFire, Thunder, Wind, Staves
Dew, Patty, DaisySwords
Notable CharactersClassWeapon Types
Dew, Patty, Daisy (Promotions)Swords
Ayra, Holyn, Lakche, Radney, Skasaher, RoddlevanSwords
Shanan, LamiaSwords
Holyn, Skasaher, Roddlevan (Promotions)Swords
Jamka, Faval, AsaelloBows
Enemy OnlyBows
Sylvia, Leen, LayleaSwords
Enemy OnlyLances
Enemy OnlyAxes
Enemy OnlyBows
HannibalSwords, Lances, Axes, Bows
Johalva, Dimaggio, GerrardAxes
Johalva (Promotion), Kinbois, PizarlAxes, Bows
Enemy OnlyAxes
Enemy OnlyAxes
Enemy OnlyAxes
Fury, Fee, FeminaSwords, Lances
Fury, Fee, Femina (Promotions), PamelaSwords, Lances, Staves
Enemy OnlySwords, Lances
AltennaSwords, Lances
Arione, TrabantSwords, Lances
Langbart, Reptor, BlumeSwords, Lances, Axes, Bows, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Staves
HildaFire, Wind, Thunder, Staves
AlvisSwords, Lances, Axes, Bows, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Staves
JuliusFire, Wind, Thunder, Dark
ManfroyFire, Thunder, Wind, Dark

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