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The son of God
The man who built the ark
The first man on earth
The first woman on earth
Son of Eve who killed his brother
Was killed by his brother
Son of Adam, ancestor of Noah and later Jesus
Son of Seth
Oldest man who ever lived, died at the age of 969
Oldest son of Noah
God promised him as many ancestors as there were stars in the sky
Wife of Abraham
Oldest son of Abraham
Mother of Ishmael, Sarahs slave
Second son of Abraham
Son of Isaac, was later named Israel
Sold his birthright to Jacob
Oldest son of Jacob
Second son of Jacob
Mother of 6 of Jacobs sons
Mother of Joseph and Benjamin
Youngest of Jacobs sons
Saved Egypt from famine, father of Ephraim and Manasseh
The son of Jacob of which the descendants didn't get a piece of the promised land
The father of Er, Onan, Sela, Zerah and Perez
The mother of Zerah and Perez
Led the Israelites out of Egypt
The first high priest, brother of Moses
The second high priest, son of Aaron
The third high priest, son of Eleazar
One of the two men who scouted the promised land and was allowed to enter it again, son of Jephunneh
The leader of the Israelites after Moses died
Calebs nephew, who married Calebs daughter, first judge of Israel
Woman who moved to Judea with her mother-in-law and was married with Boaz
Mother-in-law of Ruth
Son of Boaz
Son of Obed
First king of Israel
First king of Judaea who later became king of Israel, ancestor of Joseph and Mary
Giant killed by David
Jewish woman who was married to the king of Persia, Ahasueros
Man in the time of Ahasueros who wanted to kill all Jews
The prophet whose book has 66 chapters
The successor of David, said to be the wisest and richest man ever
King of Babylon who conquered Israel
Led the rebuilding of Jerusalem after the Israelites were freed from Babylon
Spent a night in the lions den
Abrahams nephew whose wife turned into a pillar of salt
Strong man who wasn't allowed to cut his hair
^ fell in love with this woman
Was swallowed by a large fish
Mother of Jesus
Earthly father of Jesus
Cousin of Mary
Husband of Elizabeth
King of Judaea that reigned during the birth of Jesus
Baptised Jesus
Apostle of Jesus, former tax collector, wrote a gospel
'The rock' on which Jesus built his church
Writer of the epistles, formerly named Saul
joined ^ on one of his journeys, writer of the book of acts
Betrayed Jesus
Sentenced Jesus to die on the cross
Jesus was buried in his prepared tomb
Said to be the first woman to see Jesus after his resurrection
The apostle who didn't believe in Jesus resurrection
Author of a gospel and the book of revelation
Was imprisoned together with Paul in Philippi
Blind man who is healed by Jesus
Friend of Jesus who was resurrected
Man whose dying daughter was cured by Jesus
This man was a tax gatherer who climbed in a tree to see Jesus
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