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Can you name the Lord of the Rings terms that begin with the letter E?

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Gwaihir is one of these
The Father of Elrond
One of the Farthings of the Shire
The Father of Denethor II
City of Rohan where Theoden resided
Flower from Lothlorien, Daughter of Samwise
Father of Isildur
Name for Aragorn as a king, meaning Elfstone
Legolas is an ...
Lord of Rivendell
The Two Sons of the previous answer
Region West of Moria called Hollin or ......
Range of Hills on the Anduin containing the Falls of Rauros
Treebeard is an ...
Ent drink that causes Merry and Pippin to grow
King of Rohan after Theoden
Father of previous answer
Daughter of previous answer
First King of Rohan, known as the Young
A troop of riders of Rohan
Mountains of Shadow on the West of Mordor
The Lonely Mountain
South of the Shire lies the vast region of .....
Comes to the Battle of Helms Deep with Gandalf, Lord of the Westfold
The only body part left of Sauron

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