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Can you name the Lord of the Rings terms that begin with the letter B?

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Frodo's house
Frodo's last name
Frodo's uncle
Hamfast Gamgee lives here
The Fellowship finds his tomb in Moria
Durin's Bane
The Dark Tower
The Main River of the Shire
Guard of the Citadel who befriends Pippin in Minas Tirith
Pony who Sam takes on the journey up to Moria
The Morannon
Eldest Son of Denethor II
Meriadoc's last name
Land of the Brandybucks
Village where the Hobbits first meet Strider
Other name for Quickbeam the Ent
The Ford of Rivendell
Inn-keeper in Bree
The Last Battle in the Books which takes place in the Shire, the Battle of .......

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