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Can you figure out these LOTR-places by figuring out the hints?

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Drawing back from contact + What is added to the comparative version of an adjective
An activity a person does regularly and one enjoys doing + 1000 kg
Disappeared + Structure used to close of an entrance, often contains a lock.
To power a boat by moving an oar + Mr. Solo from Star Wars
A greater number than + Wooden part of a wall that can be opened to walk through
Old word meaning before + To drill a hole
To abhor + Accumulated facts and beliefs about a subject + Japanese currency
Sheeran's first name + Plural of young spanish-teaching explorer girl
Objective form of 'we' + Fish use these to breathe + Me, myself and . + Chemical symbol of Astatine
Steering mechanism of a ship + The Mariana Trench certainly is this
Automobile + join two numbers + 2 or more contestants trying to be the quickest to the finish
Poison injecting tooth of a venomous snake + Bony protrusion on the head of cattle and rhino's
Clouded with sediment + Trees are made of this
Word meaning plus or also + Word to refer to the addressed person + Abbreviation of Indiana
Two letters repeated a few times to indicate laughter on the internet + Slang word meaning cool
Small humanlike girl toy + Precious metal + Structure in a wall that can be opened with a handle
Short word between 2 possibilities + Not even + Old building of which not much is left
State of the atmosphere (sunny, clouded, rain, snow) + The uppermost point of something
Water flow, often from mountains to the sea + Old English word meaning Valley
Word referring to yourself + A disobedience to religious laws + To protect by watching over

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