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Can you figure out these LOTR-characters by figuring out the hints?

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Alike + Very Clever
Big, puffy, brown hairstyle + A female deer
A list of fees or charges + Used to shoot arrows
Happy, cheerful + To join two numbers + Saying that means something is alright
Meaning of 'p' in 'km p/h' + The laying of these makes the platypus special + A smile
A macaw + Shedded blood
Small plastic building block + Old word for a young,sweet woman
7th letter of the alphabet + Common word meaning plus or also + TV-series with a brown alien from Melmak
To drill a hole + To wander + Old word meaning before
A long long way to run + Chemical symbols for Americium and Iridium
A lair + The fifth element that made up stars and planets, according to the Ancient Greeks
Commonly used word that comes before a noun + Not even + A lair
Vowel + To be in debt to + To be victorious
Taste of Lemons + Harry Potter's best friend (male)
To speak out something + A chamber in a house surrounded by walls + A male person
An explosive + Evil + Sick
Grass used in Malt Production + A male person + Margarine + Prickly covering of a seed
A festive, celebrative occasion + a young man + true and actual, unimaginary
To apply by spreading + Place to kick the ball into in soccer
Prisoner's area in jail + Brought into life by birth

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