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Can you name the crime-solving TV shows by their They Fight Crime pitch?

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One's a modern day cop in a strange new world, one's an old school cop with a penchant for westerns. Together, They Fight Crime!2006-07 (and 2008-10)
One's a pie-making necromancer, one's his undead girlfriend, one's a grumpy private detective. Together, They Fight Crime!2007-09
One's a magician's assistant, one's a sassy journalist (or a sassy TV presenter, or a sassy blogger). Together, They Fight Crime!1997-2004 plus specials
One's a private investigator, one's the ghost of his former partner. Together, They Fight Crime!1969-70
One's a gardener who used to be a cop, one's a gardener who used to be a university lecturer. Together, They Fight Crime!2003-07
One's a former army intelligence officer, one's a talking car. Together, They Fight Crime!1982-86
One's a rude American cop, one's a polite Canadian Mountie. Together, They Fight Crime!1994-99
One's a brilliant but awkward forensic anthropologist, one's a street smart FBI agent. Together, They Fight Crime!2005-
One's a doctor, one's his private detective son. Together, They Fight Crime!1993-2001
One's a bug expert, one's a former stripper, the rest are... oh who cares, They Fight Crime!2000-

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