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QUIZ: Can you name the film, book, show, or game the following villains are from?

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VillainFrom (First Apperance)Game, Film, or Book
Dr NefariousGame, PS2
Ur-DidactGame, Xbox 360
ClockwerkGame, PS2
Gideon GravesComic/Film
Max EisenhardtComic, Marvel
Tom M RiddleBook
Handsome JackGame, PS3/360
GanondorfGame, NES
GalactusComic, Marvel
RiptoGame, PS1
Cyrille le ParadoxGame, PS3
Metal KorGame, PS2
True OgreGame, PS1
Cyrus TempleGame, PS3/360
Captain RazorbeardGame, PS1/N64
Master HandGame, N64
LokiComic, Marvel
Agent SmithFilm
Neo CortexGame, PS1
John WhiteGame, PS3
William SparksGame, PS1
Gol AcheronGame, PS2
MegatronAction Figures
VillainFrom (First Apperance)Game, Film, or Book
Ivo RobotnikGame, Sega
Boss CassGame, PS2
Wolf O'DonnellGame, N64
Victor and MoritzGame, PS2
Alexander 'Jack' CayneGame, PS2
RidleyGame, NES
Atoq NavarroGame, PS3
Otto OctaviusComic, Marvel
SarenGame, 360
Frank FontaineGame, PS3/360
Lex LuthorComic, DC
Hans GruberFilm
TruthGame, XBOX
Liquid SnakeGame, PS1
RadecGame, PS3
Angstrom DarkwaterGame, PS3
Zero TwoGame N64
The JokerComic, DC
Bill WilliamsonGame, PS3/360
Lucien FairfaxGame, 360
Al MualimGame, PS3/360
Polygon ManGame, PS3
Albert WeskerGame, PS1/SAT
Gnasty GnorcGame, PS1

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