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Can you name the Spyro Series Characters?

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DescriptionCharacterFirst Appearance
Dragon ProtagonistSpyro the Dragon
Dragonfly SidekickSpyro the Dragon
Crystallizing VillainSpyro the Dragon
Guiding FaunRipto's Rage
Athletic Archer Ripto's Rage
CheckpointRipto's Rage
Gem CollectorRipto's Rage
Technical GeniusRipto's Rage
Villainous KingRipto's Rage
Club-bearing SimpletonRipto's Rage
Hungry MonsterRipto's Rage
Amateur MagicianYear of the Dragon
Villainous WitchYear of the Dragon
Ally of the GoatsYear of the Dragon
Flying PenguinYear of the Dragon
Icy IntellectualYear of the Dragon
Trigger-happy ApeYear of the Dragon
Genius's NephewA Hero's Tail
Frustrated DragonA Hero's Tail
Deceitful Pumpkin BossSpyro the Dragon
Cocky Doctor BossSpyro the Dragon
Weather Wizard BossSpyro the Dragon
Mohawk Machine BossSpyro the Dragon
Bouncing Nightmare BossSpyro the Dragon
Spinning Toad BossYear of the Dragon
Giant Rhynoc BossYear of the Dragon
Monster to End All MonstersYear of the Dragon
DescriptionCharacterFirst Appearance
Secret Agent SisterRipto's Rage
Secret Agent BrotherRipto's Rage
Worried CavemanRipto's Rage
Caveman's Dancing FriendRipto's Rage
Pet LeopardRipto's Rage
Swimming VillainA Hero's Tail
Smaller, Red DragonA Hero's Tail
Pink, Clingy DragonA Hero's Tail
Alp Goat 1Year of the Dragon
Alp Goat 2Year of the Dragon
Alp Goat 3Year of the Dragon
Head HummingbirdYear of the Dragon
Lost Fleet Treasure HunterYear of the Dragon
Yeti BrotherYear of the Dragon
Ruins RaiderYear of the Dragon
Pet WolfYear of the Dragon
Terror of ColossusRipto's Rage
Scorch World Mini-BossRipto's Rage
Metropolis Mini-BossRipto's Rage
Seashell Shore Mini-BossYear of the Dragon
Sparx Boss 1Year of the Dragon
Spooky Swamp Mini-BossYear of the Dragon
Sparx Boss 2Year of the Dragon
Firework Factory Mini-BossYear of the Dragon
Sparx Boss 3Year of the Dragon
Sparx Boss 4Year of the Dragon
Ice Racing TeamYear of the Dragon

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