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DescriptionCharacterFirst Appearance
Lobax HeroRatchet & Clank
Robot SidekickRatchet & Clank
Overzealous HeroRatchet & Clank
Blaarg Villain, Planet BuilderRatchet & Clank
Wise Travelling MechanicRatchet & Clank
Cowardly SkaterRatchet & Clank
Captain's Beefy TrainerRatchet & Clank
If he can't fix it, it ain't broke.Ratchet & Clank
Drek's Right HandRatchet & Clank
Unlucky News ReporterRatchet & Clank
CEO, MegacorpGoing Commando
The Unknown ThiefGoing Commando
Runs the organization Thugs-4-LessGoing Commando
Qwark's FanboyGoing Commando
Big, Furry, Blue BossGoing Commando
Shady Weapons DealerGoing Commando
Thug GladiatorGoing Commando
Brainy GladiatorGoing Commando
Spider GladiatorGoing Commando
Long GladiatorGoing Commando
Captain of the Starship PhoenixUp Your Arsenal
Qwark's SidekickUp Your Arsenal
Villainous Robotic Super-geniusUp Your Arsenal
Condecending ButlerUp Your Arsenal
Clank's Evil DoubleUp Your Arsenal
Villainous Pop-starUp Your Arsenal
Team of Robotic SoldiersUp Your Arsenal
The mother of all TyhrranoidsUp Your Arsenal
Terrible Two GuyUp Your Arsenal
Terrible Two GirlUp Your Arsenal
Anihilation Nation's Brainy ScorpionUp Your Arsenal
CEO, DreadzoneDeadlocked
DescriptionCharacterFirst Appearance
Champion ExterminatorDeadlocked
Confident BattlebotDeadlocked
Cowardly BattlebotDeadlocked
Vox's PetDeadlocked
Exterminator's Silent Blade-master Deadlocked
Exterminator's Crowd-Loving MuscleDeadlocked
Exterminator's Gun-Toting VeteranDeadlocked
Missing Hero, Shot by AceDeadlocked
Male Dreadzone AnnouncerDeadlocked
Female Dreadzone AnnouncerDeadlocked
Clank's Female Dreadzone ContactDeadlocked
Starshield's SidekickDeadlocked
Female Hero from AquatosDeadlocked
Giant Scorpion BossDeadlocked
Little Girl doing School ReportSize Matters
Technomite EmperorSize Matters
Secret Agent Clank's Mission CommanderSecret Agent Clank
Villainous MobsterSecret Agent Clank
Kingpin's MuscleSecret Agent Clank
Qwark's BiographerSecret Agent Clank
Kingpin's Rich Female AssociateSecret Agent Clank
Leader of the Robot Ninja ArmySecret Agent Clank
Cragmite EmperorTools of Destruction
Shady Polaris PilotTools of Destruction
Space Pirate CaptainTools of Destruction
First MateTools of Destruction
Apogee Station WarbotTools of Destruction
Apogee Station WarbotTools of Destruction
Architect of Apogee StationTools of Destruction
Architect's DaughterTools of Destruction
Sentient Lombax ShipTools of Destruction
Green Robot who's 'looking to kill you.'Tools of Destruction
DescriptionCharacterFirst Appearance
Fish GladiatorTools of Destruction
Energy GladiatorTools of Destruction
New Captain of the Space PiratesQuest for Booty
Ghost Pirate CaptainQuest for Booty
Junior Caretaker of the Great ClockA Crack in Time
Nefarious's PartnerA Crack in Time
Lombax Praetorian GeneralA Crack in Time
Architect of the Great ClockA Crack in Time
CEO of the largest company in Axiom CityA Crack in Time
Valkyrie LeaderA Crack in Time
French Valkyrie A Crack in Time
Masculine ValkyrieA Crack in Time
Ratchet's FatherA Crack in Time
Qwark's pet War GrokA Crack in Time
Fongoid HeroA Crack in Time
Agorian GeneralA Crack in Time
Inventor of the RYNO VI ProtosuitAll 4 One
Inventor's friendAll 4 One
Creature CollectorAll 4 One
Inventor's closest companionAll 4 One
Little Orphan GirlAll 4 One
Commander of the BouncersAll 4 One
A.I. on the Phoenix IIFull Frontal Assault
Space WitchInto the Nexus
Space Witch's BrotherInto the Nexus
Leader of the NethersInto the Nexus
Zurkon's WifeInto the Nexus
Zurkon's SonInto the Nexus
Female Gunslinger of the RangersRatchet and Clank (2016)
Heavy Weapons expert of the RangersRatchet and Clank (2016)
Mission Control of the RangersRatchet and Clank (2016)
Insomniac Hero

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