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QUIZ: Can you name the Middle Earth Characters?

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HintCharacter Name
King of Rohan
Frodo's Uncle
White Wizard
Oldest Ent that Dwells in Fangorn
Grey Wizard (Before Rebirth As White Wizard)
Wretched Creature Corrupted by The One
Frodo's Gardener / Best Friend
Forger of The One Ring
Pippin's Best Friend
Brown Wizard
Giant Spider That Dwells on the Border of Mordor
Jolly Old Man That Lives Next to the Barrow Downs
Lord of the Nazgul
Steward of Gondor
Denethor's First Son
HintCharacter Name
Denethor's Second Son
Heir of Isildur
Man That Cut The One Ring From Sauron's Hand
Lady of Lothlorien
Arwen's Father
Dragon That Attacked Erebor
Leader of The Company of Dwarves
Son of Thranduil
Son of Gloin
Theoden's Nephew
Eomer's Sister
Theoden's Son
Sam's Horse
Gandalf's Horse
Inkeeper of the Prancing Pony

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