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Can You Name the Steven Universe Characters up to 'Onion Gang.'

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Crystal Gems
The Diamond Authority
Other Pearls
The Rubies
Business Owners
Big Donut Employees
The Dramatic Actor
The Manager of Le Hotel
Bubbled/Corrupted Gems
The Water Gem
The Main Character's Parents
The Maheswarans
The Frymans
The Pizzas
The Onion Family
The Gang
The Jerk's Parents
The Mailwoman
The Deweys
Beach City Founders
Comedy Duo
The Main Character's Pets
Golf Quest Mini's Main Character
The Cool Fusion's Universe
The Nerd's Ex
The Studious Girl's Victim
The Main Character's Least Favorite Person
The Fallen Melon
Li'l Butler Cast
Camp Pining Hearts Cast
Lonely Blade's Main Character
Carrion Amongst the Clover's Main Character
The Spirit Morph Saga
Dog + Helicopter
The Crying Breakfast Friends
The Angry Lunch Enemies

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