Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Before and After, Opposites Edition

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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words in this before-and-after word ladder?

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Hint4-Letter WordLine
● [Rung 1] [Rung 4] A strategy in poker, or a liability in golf ●●1●
Farm implement2
● [Rung 4] [Rung 11]: Minimize ●●4●
Lot on a map5
Something you find in a bog6
What carnivores like7
Protection for a castle8
Word to describe a lawn10
● [Rung 11] [Rung 17]: Period of relaxation ●●11●
The darkest hour is just before this12
Mend socks13
Have courage14
'Brother, can you spare a ____?'16
● [Rung 17] [Rung 21]: Something that will cause future disaster ●●17●
Hint4-Letter WordLine
Large heavy book18
Neaten one's hair20
● [Rung 21] [Rung 26]: Delivery of shocking news ●●21●
Incompetent idiot22
Classic 'toon Betty23
House for chickens24
Agricultural product25
● [Rung 26] [Rung 33]: Expression of hostility ●●26●
Faucet problem27
Lighting technician28
Electrical network29
What a senior (hopefully) turns into30
Small metal fastener31
Draw a ____ on (aim)32
● [Rung 33] [Rung 39]: The least desirable finish in a race ●●33●
Legal document of ownership34
Hint4-Letter WordLine
Provide food to35
Units of meter in poetry36
For fear that38
● [Rung 39] [Rung 42]: Final attempt at shooting a movie scene ●●39●
Emit coherent light40
Victoria or Superior41
● [Rung 42] [Rung 46]: Come to control ●●42●
Flaw in an argument or a garment45
● [Rung 46] [Rung 51]: Keep control of ●●46●
Unwanted shower growth47
Lose feathers or skin48
Barley product49
Pillar that holds a ship's sails50
● [Rung 46] [Rung 51]: Keep control of ●●51●

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