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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder chain?

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Hint4-Letter WordNo.
● Denver, the [Rung 1] [Rung 6] City ●●1●
Small tick-like creature2
Enemy of a Jedi4
Long exhalation5
● [Rung 6] [Rung 13]: When sea level peaks at a given location ●●6●
Jackman or Hefner7
Tractor-trailer combinations10
Divests of11
Travel by horseback12
● [Rung 13] [Rung 21]: Enable to survive temporarily ●●13●
Prong of a fork14
Cans of food15
____ bien17
Greek god of war18
Biological class of birds19
State with confidence20
● [Rung 21] [Rung 31]: A way to cook eggs ●●21●
'The Blind Side' athlete Michael ____22
Hint4-Letter WordNo.
Singer of 'I Got You Babe' and 'Song For the Lonely'23
Warm winter garment26
Something you do to dice, or a fishing line28
State of comfort30
● [Rung 31] [Rung 38]: A suitable target for a con ●●31●
Rapper ____-E of N.W.A.32
Not industrious33
Fasten a shoe35
Heavy spiked club36
Female horse37
● [Rung 38] [Rung 43]: Wait idly for something to happen ●●38●
Lack of light39
A small dagger40
Truly awful41
10 cent coin42
● [Rung 38] [Rung 43]: Wait idly for something to happen ●●43●
A Scrabble piece44

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