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Hint4-Letter Word
* “And out again I curve and ___/To join the brimming river” *
Strike the hands together
A small broken-off piece
* “The ___ is anchored safe and sound, its voyage closed and done” *
Move easily and smoothly
He ___, she ____
* “Oh for the breath of the briny deep/And the tug of a bellying ____” *
Horizontal bar that acts as a barrier
* “Like ____ it sounded till it curved/And then I knew 'twas Wind” *
* “To feel the stress and the strain/Of the wind and the reeling ____” *
Hint4-Letter Word
What the post office deals with
Not succeed
* “Transparent, cool, and wat’ry wealth/Here flowing ___/And chide, and call” *
To add to a container up to the top
* “And I shall see the snow all go down hill/In water of a slender April ____” *
* Title word in a poem that begins “It is an ancient Mariner… “ *
A sour citrus fruit
Similar to
* “Between the woods and frozen ___/The darkest evening of the year.” *
Small country road
* “One if by ____ and two if by sea” *
Musical group
Attraction or tie
Hint4-Letter Word
* “An old silent ___/A frog jumps into the ___/Splash! Silence again.” *
Corn ___ (another name for cornbread)
Hold a posture for a photo
A popular garden flower
Traveled by horseback
An option at a carnival
* “The ____ is full, the moon lies fair/Upon the straits” *
Rubber part of a wheel
Legal term for a non-criminal harmful action
* “And the sunken rocks run inward/To a ____ of the Open Sea.” *
Announce or advertise publicly
* “And a grey ____ on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking” *

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