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Give the approximate population in millions of the Lima metropolitan area (to the closest million). 
Lima is the second-largest desert city in the world. What is the largest? 
Within 5 percent, what percentage of Peru’s population lives in the Lima metropolitan area? 
Name the most widely spoken language in Lima. 
This word meaning “mixed” identifies the largest ethnic group in Lima. 
Name either of the two largest Amerindian ethnic groups in Lima. 
Lima lies on the coast of this ocean. 
Lima is located approximately this many degrees south of the equator. 
Some of Lima’s outermost suburbs rise into the foothills of this mountain chain. 
Lima occupies the valleys of three rivers. Name any of them. 
This cold ocean current named for a European naturalist keeps Lima’s climate relatively mild. 
Despite being a desert city, “Lima the Grey” is constantly humid and averages only 3.5 hours of this per day. 
Lima is home to this university founded in 1551, the oldest continually functioning university in the Americas. 
Lima’s foundation was decided on January 6, 1535, the feast of the Epiphany. What was its original name, chosen to reflect this date? 
For three centuries, Lima was the capital of this colonial administrative region that eventually covered nearly all of South America. 
Between 1881 and 1883 during the War of the Pacific, Lima was occupied by forces from this country. 
In 1940, this type of natural disaster destroyed most of the city. 
In 1996, radical militants seized hundreds of hostages at the Lima residence of this Asian country’s ambassador. The standoff lasted four months. 
This conquistador founded Lima in 1535. 
He was the last Incan emperor, defeated by the above conquistador in 1531. 
This author of “Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter,” a graduate of Lima’s oldest university, is Peru’s only Nobel Laureate. 
This South American liberator entered Lima in 1821 and requested the city council to sign a declaration of independence. 
This Dominican laywoman became the first saint born in the Americas. 
This Lima-born ex-president restored Peru’s economic stability in the 1990s but was eventually sentenced to a prison term for human rights violations. 
A popular cocktail that uses Peruvian grape liquor as the base and adds lime juice, syrup, egg white, ice, and Angostura bitters. 
A stirfry of sirloin, onions, and tomatoes served on a bed of French fries and rice. 
Raw seafood cured in citrus juice 
Also known as cuy and typically served roasted or fried, this rodent is more familiar to other cultures as a pet. 
This relative of the llama, also raised for its wool, yields a lean tender meat similar to beef. 
The name for Chinese/Peruvian fusion 
This popular tourist district’s Spanish name means “look at the flowers.” 
Lima’s founding conquistador is buried in this nearly-500-year-old church. 
These 17th-century fortifications were built along one of Lima’s rivers to protect from pirate attacks, but they never saw battle. 
This building is the residence of Peru’s President and the seat of the executive branch. 
This October festival, named for a slave-painted image of Christ that providentially survived a 17th-century earthquake, is Peru’s largest Catholic celebration. 
Named in honor of soldiers, this downtown park contains the Magic Fountain Tour, the world’s largest fountain complex, with 13 interactive fountains that are creatively lit at night. 

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