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Can you name the words of various lengths with the letters PH in the center?

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6-Letter (_ _PH_ _)
Firsts, in a sense 
A nonentity; a zero 
Burrowing rodent 
Dash's shorter relative 
Son of a sibling 
Child of deceased parents 
Tube used to extract liquids 
Solid material ejected during volcanic eruption 
A severe bacterial disease 
Light breeze 
8-Letter (_ _ _PH_ _ _)
Repeated words for rhetoric effect, e.g. in 'I Have a Dream' 
Large gray mammal with a legendarily good memory 
Sudden revelation or realization 
Ambiguity that allows one to escape a contract or obligation 
Minimal useful language unit 
Brief treatise 
Prediction of the future 
September birthstone 
Awards for success, e.g. in hunting or sports 
10-Letter (_ _ _ _PH_ _ _ _)
Fear of heights 
One who speaks disrespectfully of sacred things 
Handheld mobile communication devices 
Blood clotting disorder 
Words with different spelling but same pronunciation 
Express a message in a different way 
On the edges 
Brown-nosers, toadies 
Fear of foreigners or strangers 
Hammered percussion instruments with wooden bars 

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