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Can you name the words where the given letter is the ONLY vowel or consonant (possibly repeated) in the word?

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For each word, the given letter is the only one of its type (vowel or consonant) that appears in the word. For instance, a valid answer for A might be "banana" (no vowels but A), a valid answer for B might be "babe" (no consonants but B), a valid answer for C might be "ace" (no consonants but C), and so on. Y is considered a vowel for all words in this puzzle.
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HintWordOnly Vowel/Consonant
Common magic wordA
Where monks liveB
Plant from which we get chocolateC
Swirled, like water down a drainD
Bubbly, like a gas, or livelyE
Instrument used to measure somethingG
Color toneH
Preventing something from happening or being expressedI
A board used to communicate with spiritsJ
Crazy or offbeatK
Displaying constant support and faith toward anotherL
A Muslim religious leaderM
HintWordOnly Vowel/Consonant
Tear-jerking vegetableN
Lover of readingO
Red flower that is the source of opiumP
Polar light phenomenonR
Talks back toS
Inked body artT
The legal right to use or enjoy somethingU
In ____, phrase meaning 'in the living body'V
Tool for cutting down a treeX
Three celestial bodies in a line, as in an eclipseY
Goopy slimy stuffZ

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