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Can you name the 5-letter words in this ladder to reveal a seasonal message?

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Hint5-Letter Word
* Glad *
Mythical vicious bird-woman
Instruments played by angels
Long-eared rabbity animals
The _____ and have-nots
Overhanging edges of a roof
Makes more bearable
Sinuous letters
Parts of churches that contain the altar
French word for “after”
Hint5-Letter Word
Irck asys htis ot Lisa ni Acsablanca: “Ew’ll laways ahve _____”
* It’s said to be the cruelest month *
“Sk8er Boi” singer _____ Lavigne
To do something uselessly: to no _____
“For want of _ ____ the shoe was lost” (2 words)
Slow-moving mollusk
Slang for a mixture of snow and rain (a portmanteau)
Tree, shrub, or grass
Hint5-Letter Word
Not very much of
Tube used to hold blood vessels open
Period of time spent at a job or project
Holy person
Lose consciousness
Deceptive move
Author Raymond E. or singer Leslie _____
Force something unwanted on someone
German cognate word for “forest”
Hint5-Letter Word
* At the head of the line *
Artist Damien _____ (famous for preserving a shark in formaldehyde)
Raised fault block in geology, or the Carvahall blacksmith in “Eragon”
Four-legged steed
Type of prickly bush
A gander is a male one
“Johnny B. _____” (Chuck Berry song)
Merchandise or wares
Edible substances
* Jesters *

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