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Can you name the NFL non-quarterbacks from the clues?

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This Redskin/Viking holds the career record for most interceptions, with 81.
This Colorado-born halfback, nicknamed Whizzer, played three seasons for Pittsburgh before joining the Navy during WWII. He is also the 12-longest-serving Supreme Court justice.
This iconic tight end never played competitive football until joining the NFL in 2003; he was a basketball star with Kent State.
This left tackle and member of the NFL’s 75th Anniversary All-Time Team was the first Bengal to make the Hall of Fame. He even had four career touchdowns.
He has won twice as many NFL rushing titles as anyone else in history.
This running back was the first African-American to sign a contract with the NFL in the modern era. At UCLA, he shared the backfield with Jackie Robinson.
As a coach, he’s known for saying “you play to win the game,” but he's also the Eagle who ran in a Giants fumble for the winning TD in the 1978 Miracle at the Meadowlands.
This 49er receiver made “The Catch” to score the winning touchdown in the 1982 NFC Championship Game over the Cowboys with 58 seconds left.
He is the only player to have played in both the World Series and the Super Bowl.
In 1999, the Saints traded every pick they had in the draft to the Redskins in order to select this player fifth overall. How’d that work out?
Name either of the two players to have caught, rushed, and thrown a touchdown against the same team in the same game.
This Cowboy is the only player to rush for a 99-yard touchdown.
This former Wolverine and retired Raider is the only Heisman winner to intercept another Heisman winner in the NFL.
This Aztec and Ram linebacker (and future actor) scored two safeties in a game in 1973, the only player ever to do so. You might say he was *hunting* for them.
This University of Tampa DE is the only overall No. 1 draft pick (1973) to play for a college that no longer has a football program. You may know him as Sloth from 'The Goonies.'
The oldest inductee into the Hall of Fame was 94 in 2011 (as a contributor), and the youngest was 34 in 1977. Name either.
The record for most games played by a defensive player, 295, was set by this Redskins cornerback over 20 seasons.
This Packers receiver out of Alabama was a charter member of both the College and NFL Halls of Fame, having created many modern pass routes and set most career receiving records.
In Super Bowl XLII, he caught the football against his helmet, extending a TD drive that let the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots. It was the last catch of his career.
He had 14 interceptions as a rookie in 1952, a record that still holds. His ferociously effective tackling techniques eventually led to banning clotheslining and facemasking.

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