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Can you name the words of various lengths with the letters AU in the center?

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6-Letter (_ _AU_ _)
River that forms part of Colombia-Venezuela border 
Quality that gives pleasure to the senses; Keats equates it with truth 
“Clair de Lune” composer Debussy 
Article in a formal document 
In ballet, having one shoulder forward 
Display publically; show off 
Severe physical or emotional upset 
8-Letter (_ _ _AU_ _ _)
Concerned with earning a living; utilitarian, practical 
Related to hearing with two ears, or a Pearl Jam album 
Fails to pay a debt (e.g. a mortgage) 
Tires completely 
Someone who attacks in search of booty, or Padfoot, for example 
Release again, like a product 
Like Fahrvergnügen or Mötley Crüe 
Not trained 
10-Letter (_ _ _ _AU_ _ _ _)
Expressing appreciation, like an audience 
Lover of red tape 
Science that deals with moving liquid, such as water 
Measuring or evaluating badly 
Fierce attacks 
Care taken in advance 
Place to order food 
Waterproof canvases 

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