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A disgruntled Pat Sajak has hacked Sporcle and removed all occurrences of the letters RSTLNE. From the remnants of each looted Sporcle category, can you provide the answers which contain none of those letters?

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What was NBA point guard Earvin Johnson’s nickname?Po
What Asian country is the only country to have a building on its flag?Gogaphy
What genre did Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and Dave Brubeck all excel in?Muic
What 2009 film was the first animated feature to open the Cannes Film Festival?Movi
What is the first name of the title character who says “I’m the thing that monsters have nightmares about”?Viio
What two-word rhyming phrase could describe a King Tut ventriloquist's doll?Ju Fo Fu
What palindromic girl’s name has been one of the ten most popular in the US since 2005?Micaou
What is the Maryland country retreat of the American president, where a famous set of 1978 accords were signed?Hioy
What jealous Shakespearean villain has more lines than his play's title character?Iau
What word is a synonym for “commandeer” and has three successive letters in alphabetical order?Aguag
What canid can see the Earth’s magnetic field and use it to aid its hunting?Cic
What critically acclaimed 1993 release from id Software popularized the first-person shooter?Gamig
What 1975 musical’s 1996 revival holds the record for the longest-running *American* musical on Broadway?Aim
Which pillar of Islam refers to the pilgrimage to Mecca?Igio
What spring festival involves dances around a ribboned pole and is linked with Walpurgis Night in Germanic countries?Hoiday
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