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English MeaningFrench Meaning
to accompany
to adore
to help
to like, love
to add
to light, turn on
to bring
to pull out
to stop
to arrive
to catch
to bathe
to lower
to chat
to blame
to wound, hurt
to shine
to break, smash
to brush
to burn
to hide
to camp
to break
to chat
to stop
to sing
to chase, hunt
to heat
to look for
to collect
to command, order
to compose
to count
to advise
to cut
to cost
to shout
to criticize
to cook
to dance
to tear
to declare
to take off (plane)
to decorate
to eat lunch
to ask (for)
to live
to spend (money)
to desire
to draw
to dine
to distribute
to divide
to give
to doubt
to last
to fail
to burst
to listen (to)
to wrap up
to kiss
to prevent
to borrow
to delight
to record
to teach
English MeaningFrench Meaning
to surround
to enter
to wrap
to marry
to sneeze
to astonish
to study
to awaken
to avoid
to explain
to express
to manufacture
to tire
to congratulate
to close
to celebrate
to function
to hit, knock
to rub
to smoke
to win, earn
to keep, watch
to waste
to spoil
to slip, slide
to taste
to scold
to live (in)
to hesitate
to ignore, to be unaware of
to indicate
to interest
to invite
to play
to swear
to leave (behind), let
to wash
to rent, praise
to chew
to lack, miss
to walk
to mix
to deserve
to go up
to show
to name
to note, observe
to order
to organize
to dare
to remove
to forget
to pardon, excuse
to speak
to participate
to pass, spend (time)
to skate
to fish
to comb
to think
to cry
to wear, carry
to place, ask
to push
to practice
to prepare
English MeaningFrench Meaning
to introduce
to lend
to pray, beg
to prove
to leave
to tell
to pick up, collect
to look at, watch
to regret
to notice
to thank
to bring back
to meet
to return
to repair
to review, iron
to reserve
to respect
to stay, remain
to return
to wake (up)
to dream
to greet
to jump
to save
to stay
to seem
to whistle
to sign
to mean
to take care of
to ring
to wish
to underline
to park
to watch
to try
to telephone
to end
to pull, shoot
to fall
to touch, cash (check)
to turn
to cough
to work
to cross
to soak, dip
to deceive
to find
to kill
to empty
to visit
to fly, steal, rob
to wait (for)
to correspond
to defend, prohibit
to (come) down
to hear
to interrupt
to lose
to give, back
to answer
to break
to mow
to sell

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