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to get engaged
to quarrel
to expect
to complain
to worry
to be quiet
to take off
to become angry
to go to sleep
to hug, kiss
to burn oneself
to collapse
to distrust
to get bored
to be satisfied
to change (clothes)
to realize
to train
to begin to
to put on makeup
to escape
to boast
to get settled
to behave
to hurt oneself
to be mistaken
to buy for oneself
to decide
to do one's hair
to undress
to bath
to take care of
to get along
to do without
to realize
to meet
to flee
to be, happen to be
to care about
to hide oneself
to disguise oneself
to strive to
to comb
to get used to
to hasten to
to move away (from)
to hurt oneself
to faint
to practice
to feel
to become impatient
to happen
to exclaim
to stop
to rest
to lament
to improve
to make fun (of)
to break
to get angry
to have fun, enjoy
to get up
to be named
to wash
to telephone each other
to tell oneself
to trust
to suspect
to lodge
to express oneself
to dress
to wonder
to meet again
to fight
to tan
to meet
to remember
to wake up
to use
to be surprised
to sit
to make up
to take an interest in
to hurry
to approach
to get married (to)
to get ready
to take a walk
to cut oneself
to shave
to be a question of
to go to bed
to brush
to remember

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