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How well do you know your BioShock Infinite?

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In what year is it set?
Where is the story set?
Who is the main character?
Who is your side-kick once you've saved her?
What is the name of the main antagonist or 'The Prophet'?
What is the name of the revolting army that opposes the ways of the 'Founders'?
Who is their leader?
Who was it that developed the technology that allows the city to float?
What is the name of the mechanical animal that protects the girl in the tower?
Which battle did the protagonist fight in?
What is it about the protagonist that identifies him as the 'False Shepherd'?
What does that stand for?
Who does the protagonist work for?
What can your side-kick open?
Which emotion can the mechanical animal feel?
Where does this animal die?
Which voice actor played the protagonist?
Which voice actress played the side-kick?
Which company developed the game?
What number does the protagonist get in the raffle?
Is BioShock Infinte one of the best games ever?

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