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New England Aquarium is in??
How many states in USA??
Oldest Park in USA??
A historic event in Boston concerning taxes being paid to the UK?
Capital city of New Hampshire??
Capital of Vermont??
Plymouth ______?
Western Massachusetts mountain range?
Scenic cape in Mass.?
What is the tallest mountain in New England??
Acadia National Park is in what state??
Ski resorts Stowe and Killington are in what state??
Sugarloaf and Sunday River are ski resorts in what state??
Martha's Vinyard and Nantucket island are part of what state??
This city known for large houses is the capital of Rhode Island?
This lake is between NY state and Vermont?
Does that lake border Canada??
In what province??
Woodstock NY is in what mountain range??
Lake placid ny is in what mountain range??
Watkins Glen, wineries and corning are located in what NY lake region??
Which one of the three airports serving NYC is not in NY state??
The Guggenheim Museum is where??
This NJ city is like Las Vegas on the east coast?
IAD, DCA and BWI are international airports in what city??
The Franklin Institute, Rodin Museum and the Barnes Foundation are in what city??
Name the famous Military Park in Adams County, Pennsylvania?
Fort McHenry is in what city??
Where is the Smithsonian Institution??
This famous cemetery is located outside DC?
Where is the first permanent settlement in America??
Where was the final battle of the American Revolutionary War??
Shenandoah National Park is home to what famous Caverns??
What one of: Disney World, Sea World, Universal and Disney Land is not in Orlando??
Bush Gardens is not in Orlando, it is in??
Where is the Kennedy Space Centre??
What is the oldest city in the USA??
What city is North of Miami and contains 4000 eateries and a large cruise port??
What area of Miami is said to be home to a large Cuban population??
What is the name of the string of islands south of the Florida peninsula??
What word is used to describe Northern Florida??
Lake Tahoe is on the border of Nevada and??
Yosemite National park is where??
What valley in Cali is known for wine??
What is the capital of California??
San Diego is located in the North or South??
The Queen Mary is a what? turned into a hotel?
What city is basically a desert resort with a tram that takes you to Mt San Jacinto??
Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf are in what city??
What is the most famous natural landmark in USA? ?
This Hawaiian island is the most visited due to Honolulu and Pearl Harbor?
This Hawaiian island was at one time, one big pineapple plantation?
This island has huge cliffs featured in Jurassic Park?
Which island is the most famous for resorts and Mt Haleakala?
The biggest island in Hawaii is called??
The fern grotto and Waimea Canyon are on what island??
Stone Mountain Park and MTK Junior Historic site are located in what city??
A 3 km civil war landmark is in what charming southern city??
What city has a French Quarter and is home to Jackson Square and Mardi Gras??
Home of Elvis Presley??
Home of the country music hall of fame??
World's largest cave system in Kentucky??
Myrtle Beach and ____ ____ are in SC and known for golf and watersports?
Mellennium Park is a 10 hectare park in what city??
Where is the gateway arch??
This mountain has US presidents cared in it?
Theodore Roosevelt National Park is in??
Fort Robinson state park is in ??
Fort Worth is the less known western half of what city??
Johnson Space centre is in what Texas city??
1.5 million bats fly every night near the state capital of Texas?
What state contains Mesa Verde National Park??
Aspen, Vail and Jackson Hole are skii resorts. Which one is not in Colorado??
Where is Sun Valley??
Glacier National Park and Little Bighorn are in ??
Mt St Helens is a national monument and a volcano in what state??
Crater Lake National Park is in what state??
Laughlin and _____ are smaller versions of Las Vegas. All three are in Nevada?
Zion, Bryce Canyon and Park City are in what state??
Temple square is in what city??
What state is the largest and has the most coast line??
What is the smallest state??
The Mall of America is in what state??
What city is known as Steel town, located in West Pennsylvania??
Charleston is a historic city in SC, but Charleston is also the capital of??
What is the capital of Florida??
The USA borders Canada and ??
What can they grow in Hawaii that CANNOT be grown anywhere else in USA or in Canada??
Whats our teacher's name for Geo??
What city has the best Hockey team in the NHL??

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