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Description AttractionLocation
The largest church in England's largest city
Home to Mt Snowdon and underground mines
Home to the typical Irish scenery and close to Bourne Vincent National Park
Elegant city of Georgian architecture and Roman baths
Home to St Mary's Church and Shannon Airport
Home to a mystical lake monster
Home to the old royal observatory and where the Prime Meridian divides East and West
Where the famous 'changing of the guard' takes place
Location of a famous crystal factory
A famous Valley on the boarder of England and Wales
Stretch of city that connects Holyroodhouse and Edinburgh Castle
Mystical circle of huge stones
Worlds largest Railway museum located in a wall city
Minutes from the cliffs of Dover and home to the cathedral that is the centrepiece for the Church of England
The area in Scotland containing beautiful moors and lochs
Legendary museum home to the Rosetta Stone
Description AttractionLocation
Magnificent Gothic Architecture and the burial place for many famous Brits
Home to St Patrick's Cathedral, Trinity College, Christ Church's vaulted crypt and the National Museum
Home to a legendary stone that gives the gift of eloquence if you kiss it
Birthplace of Shakespeare
Located on Galway bay, Northeast of Cliffs of Moher
The capital of Wales, home to the Welsh Folk Museum
Home to the British Royal Family for over 1000 years
This castle sits high over Scotland's Capital city
Irish town known for arts (ballet and opera)
Encircled by walls and home to a massive castle
Italian style village in Wales
home to the Crown Jewels, prisons and armouries
Resort located on Donegal Bay, close to Glenveigh National Park
The Queens residents when she visits Edinburgh
Massive ferris wheel
Estate of King Henry the 8th

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