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What state knows how to party?1
What is the first city where they know how to party?2
The second city?1
The third city?1
Where does Dr. Dre welcome us to?4
Which is as untouchable as?2
What do you have to pack one of for your Jimmy in the city of sex?1
What is never empty in this state?3
What are pimps on a mission for?1
What items look like they have been stolen from Liberace?1
What finger do you throw up if you agree with Tupac?1
What should the baby do?2
In the second verse, where is Tupac straight out of?1
Whom did he hear screaming as he exited prison?1
What type of shoes do they wear?1
And what type of suits do they wear with them?1
Whom does Tupac and his buddies collide with?2
What won't the row bow down to?2
In the outro, what are one of the three places that are 'in tha house'?1
Which city is always up to no good?1
What city is trying to get a piece?1
According to Tupac, which side is the best side?2
Most importantly, what is Tupac's sentiment towards this state?1

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